Etienne's Contest

Etienne Teo is having a whopper of a contest with $5641 worth of cash and prizes to be won. There are 3 ways to enter - by taking part in his writing project, by subscribing to his feeds by email or by blogging about the contest.

Here are all the prizes and sponsors:
1 x Premium Theme License - Adii Wordpress Rockstar
$399/year Free lifelong membership with ABC - AmericasBestCompanies
$250 Cash from PepperJamNetwork - PepperJamNetwork (Signup as affiliate To win)
$200 advertising on Bidvertiser - Bidvertiser (Signup as an advertiser to win)
100 x One Buck Wiki ($2000 value)- One Buck Wiki
1 Year Subscription to our new Speedy Plan - Top Hosting Center
1 Year Shared Hosting Plan - TVG Hosting
$100 worth of Flash Components - FlashLoaded
1 x License of FruitfulTime TaskManager - Fruitfultime
2 x Atomic Blogging Package - Alvin Phang Atomic Blogging
1 x Pack of 80 photoshop brushes - Justcreativedesign
5 x Banner Design - Datmoney
5 x DIY Ebook - Eggmarketingpr
5 x The Eating Cereal with a Fork Ebook - Eggmarketingpr
1 x Internet Marketing Package Ebooks - BooksWealth
1000 Entrecard credits - DatMoney
1000 Entrecard credits - Shamoneymaker
1000 Entrecard credits - Toasteggme
1000 Entrecard credits - Infodoorway
1000 Entrecard credits - Etienne Teo
$100 cash via Paypal - Ryan Shamus
$50 cash via Paypal - YeePage
$50 cash via Paypal - Shamoneymaker
1 x Blog Review - Michael
1 x Blog Review - Infodoorway
1 x Blog Review - Charles Lau
1 x Seo Review - Darin
1 x Video Review - Charles Lau
1 x Blog Consultation - Charles Lau
One Month text link ad - Michael
One Month text link ad - AdesBlog
3 x One Month 125x125 Banner - Kiwipulse
1 x Two Months 125x125 Banner - Tyler Cruz
One Month 125x125 Banner - Superbloggingtips
One Month 125x125 Banner - Etienne Teo
One Month 125x125 Banner - Infodoorway
One Month 125x125 Banner - ScriptDebate
One Month 125x125 Banner - Jim Karter
One Month 125x125 Banner - Darin
5 x Money Reign T-shirt - Zac Johnson Super Affiliate (Got to be US Resident)

Here's the link to the contest page where you can get all the juicy details.

The contest will end on 13 Apr 2008.

Good luck, says Lucy! Meow!

  1. Comment by Etienne on March 29, 2008 at 9:11 AM

    I thank you for making this entry,i have dropped your link into the pool of random picky to chosen my winners on 14 apr 2008! Cheers! Do remember to Subscribe to my Email Rss Feed!