Mega EC Contest

Wow, I've been away traveling for some time. But am just popping over to post this eye-catching contest which promises 60,000 ECs and more!

Prizes - 50,000 ec + sponsorships
30,000 ec + 100 RSS via email subscriptions
10,000 ec + 50 RSS via email subscriptions
5,000 ec + 25 RSS via email subscriptions
3,000 ec + 10 RSS via email subscriptions
2,000 ec + 10 RSS via email subscriptions

Awards for 6-10 based on sponsorships at 1,000 each. Additional sponsorships spread over the 10 places.

To gain entries to the contest:
Post your entry in the comment section below with a working email - 0 points. Required for entry.
10 points - Post a short review on you site about this contest with a link to this page. (required)
10 points - Post a short review of Faith and Facts with a link using my blog title as the anchor text.
10 points - Post a blurb, using part of the title as the anchor text for the link, for any post on this page -
10 points - Add Faith and Facts to your blogroll
5 points - Post a comment on any blog post
5 points - Subscribe to RSS via email and confirm the subscription.
2 points - Fave me on Technorati.
1 point - for each social bookmark that I can confirm, up to a max of 50.

Winners will be drawn randomly.

So check out the full contest details here.