Get A Goal, Start Blogging

If you having picked up blogging yet, what’s stopping you? Basically I started blogging quite recently only. I just wanted to share my own personal experiences as well as tell others about my beloved cat, Lucy. Sometimes, having a goal to achieve can eradicate any inertia in doing something. For me, it was sharing about my cat and my life with other cat lovers. For you, it might be talking about a hobby or venting your frustrations at something.

Whatever it is, have a goal at the start and then you’ll find it easier to kickstart your blogging days. And don’t worry if you run out of stam along the way. Just take a short break and come back refreshed!

By the way, Blogsessive is having a nice domain giveaway for bloggers who help spread the word on blogging so get over there for all the details.

Bali Dream Home Contest

Bali Dream Home and Bonoriau are celebrating their first year of blogging by giving away a total of $50 by Paypal. The contest is open worldwide so anyone from anywhere can join.

Though the post is mainly in Indonesian, international bloggers writing in English can also participate as well. All you need is a Paypal address to be able to take part in their fabulous contest.

If you don't have one, you should go down to register because it is very easy to do so and free as well. The rules to enter are awfully simple and they are giving away cash prizes of a total of $50. There will be three lucky winners and three prizes as well:

1st prize: $25
2nd prize: $15
3rd prize: $10

You must do the following things to be eligible for the prize draw:
- Write a post about this blog contest on your blog (200 words minimum)
- Include the two banners provided and the two correct links
- Leave a comment on the contest post and tell what you have done

The contest will end on 30th June 2008. The prize will be transferred through paypal only.

You should call all your friends to participate and support this contest and you can win some nice cash prizes as well.

So go ahead and check out the contest details at this page.

MyApartmentMaps Review & Contest

MyApartmentMap is an interesting website which uses Google Maps and publicly available apartment listings to create a unique way for people to find apartments. This is a useful resource for anyone who's hunting for an apartment. The layout of the website is simple but easy to navigate. However, quite a few of their features, such as rental price data and reviews are not available yet. Nonetheless, it is a website to look forward to once all the features are up.

And they're having a contest on their blog till the end of May to give away an Amazon gift certificate so go over and take a look.

Check out their homepage here and their contest page here.

Good luck!