Love Is The Answer

I always get really furious when I hear of people abusing their cats.

Cats are such gentle creatures and so very cute. But many people don't realize that looking after a pet is much harder than they think. You need to have a lot of patience and love and you need to treat them like they are a part of your family.

Neglecting your cat is bad enough but ill-treating him or her is downright despicable.

If you don't feel you have the time to care for your cat, give him or her up to someone who really cares and don't take out your frustrations on the poor creatures.

Love them and they will love you.

Even though I may be very busy, I would never neglect Lucy and she knows that. So if you want a pet, be sure to pour out all you love or else don't have one.

Etienne's Contest

Etienne Teo is having a whopper of a contest with $5641 worth of cash and prizes to be won. There are 3 ways to enter - by taking part in his writing project, by subscribing to his feeds by email or by blogging about the contest.

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Here's the link to the contest page where you can get all the juicy details.

The contest will end on 13 Apr 2008.

Good luck, says Lucy! Meow!

Webmaster Entrecard Contest

Webmaster Plaza is offering 300 EntreCard Credits to the first 3 people, and 100 Credits to the next 6 people who blog about his Entrecard contest.

So hurry to pick up your ECs.

Check out details here.

Fat Queen

After coming back from my holiday, Queen Lucy definitely seems fatter.

Perhaps it has been the long hours of travel where she just sits curled up next to me. I've been carrying her a lot as well. I guess I'm pampering the old dame too much.

Back home, she's curled up again for a nap (again!)

Oh my, I do think she needs to exercise more or she's going to burst her little throne!

Easter Egg Contest

I'm back after holidaying with Lucy in tow.

And there's something fun going on! Caroline Middlebrook is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt where 10 winners will get a copy of her upcoming StumbleUpon traffic course.

There are 30 eggs hidden among all her posts and you have to find them to enter the contest! Go check out her contest page for full entry details and enter by 25 Mar 2008. Good luck!

Here are the links to all the eggs:
Egg 1
Egg 2
Egg 3
Egg 4

Egg 5
Egg 6
Egg 7
Egg 8
Egg 9
Egg 10
Egg 11
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Egg 16
Egg 17
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End Ageing?

I recently read a post by Scott Wainer from W Revenue which talked about living well, indefinitely. I would support his view that there needs to be more research into stopping the ageing process, though I am not optimistic that a solution will ever be found.

As science progresses, there will be more questions asked about our life expectancy. We have made some progress in this area but the journey is still long and torrid. But for those that persevere, I think we can expect some rewards.

And of course, I'd want research done for animals as well so that dear Lucy can benefit too!