Lucy Says Hi!

Hi everyone,

Lucy and I are now enjoying the sun and the sand on beautiful Phuket in Thailand. This is my third day here and I'm absolutely loving it. It has not been easy to bring Lucy with me everywhere due to the travel restrictions but my company has been so kind to always make special arrangements for Lucy. Now that's what I call employee engagement!

So off we go to explore the island. Have a great day yourself!

World Travelers - Lucy & I

Sorry folks. I haven't posted for a while as I've been scooting all over the world with my cat, Lucy. My business requires me to be constantly on the go and I just haven't had the time to blog.

I'm now on the beautiful island of Maldives. Will try to say hi wherever I am. Oh, and Lucy says hi (meow meow) too!

Cannes Here We Come!

Lucy and I are going on another vacation in Cannes.

It's great to be on a roadtrip with her and I'm extremely excited at it!

Have a great weekend ahead!

Back With An Ezine Contest has got a nice contest under way.

The prizes on offer are:
5000 Entrecard Credits - They have purchased the credits and the contest winner will win 5,000 Entrecard credits in the form of a coupon code that will add 5,000 credits immediately to your account. If you are not familiar with Entrecard or you don’t have an account you can get the details on (Sorry, no substitutions) Value: $47.50 USD

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It's easy to enter their contest and you can get all the juicy details here. Lucy seems interested. Are you?

Lucy Is Sick Again

Poor Lucy is sick again. I have been jetting around the country quite often so my sis is looking after Lucy while I'm not around.

But I'm going to spend these few days with her and make sure she gets well first.

Get well soon, Lucy!

Get A Goal, Start Blogging

If you having picked up blogging yet, what’s stopping you? Basically I started blogging quite recently only. I just wanted to share my own personal experiences as well as tell others about my beloved cat, Lucy. Sometimes, having a goal to achieve can eradicate any inertia in doing something. For me, it was sharing about my cat and my life with other cat lovers. For you, it might be talking about a hobby or venting your frustrations at something.

Whatever it is, have a goal at the start and then you’ll find it easier to kickstart your blogging days. And don’t worry if you run out of stam along the way. Just take a short break and come back refreshed!

By the way, Blogsessive is having a nice domain giveaway for bloggers who help spread the word on blogging so get over there for all the details.

Bali Dream Home Contest

Bali Dream Home and Bonoriau are celebrating their first year of blogging by giving away a total of $50 by Paypal. The contest is open worldwide so anyone from anywhere can join.

Though the post is mainly in Indonesian, international bloggers writing in English can also participate as well. All you need is a Paypal address to be able to take part in their fabulous contest.

If you don't have one, you should go down to register because it is very easy to do so and free as well. The rules to enter are awfully simple and they are giving away cash prizes of a total of $50. There will be three lucky winners and three prizes as well:

1st prize: $25
2nd prize: $15
3rd prize: $10

You must do the following things to be eligible for the prize draw:
- Write a post about this blog contest on your blog (200 words minimum)
- Include the two banners provided and the two correct links
- Leave a comment on the contest post and tell what you have done

The contest will end on 30th June 2008. The prize will be transferred through paypal only.

You should call all your friends to participate and support this contest and you can win some nice cash prizes as well.

So go ahead and check out the contest details at this page.

MyApartmentMaps Review & Contest

MyApartmentMap is an interesting website which uses Google Maps and publicly available apartment listings to create a unique way for people to find apartments. This is a useful resource for anyone who's hunting for an apartment. The layout of the website is simple but easy to navigate. However, quite a few of their features, such as rental price data and reviews are not available yet. Nonetheless, it is a website to look forward to once all the features are up.

And they're having a contest on their blog till the end of May to give away an Amazon gift certificate so go over and take a look.

Check out their homepage here and their contest page here.

Good luck!

Big EC Contest

There's a huge EC contest going on! John Chow is giving away 10,000 Entrecard credits!

Entering the contest is extremely simple. Just send a trackback by making a blog post about the contest on your blog. If the trackback doesn’t work, then leave the URL to your blog post in the comments. At the end of this month, he'll draw a name from all the entries received and transfer 10,000 Entrecard credits into that person’s account.

So check out his contest over here.

I Need Alex Contest

Been busy lately with work and taking care of Lucy but I saw a good contest which I felt was worth spreading the word.

This one is by I Need Alex and does require a few steps, though they are quite simple. To enter the contest, you must do everything below:
1. Write a review about this contest on your blog or website (Writing a review about the blog is also accepted) linking to his homepage.
2. Subscribe to his blog via email.
3. Drop your EntreCard on his blog.
4. After the 3 simple tasks are completed, please add a comment on his contest post, providing a link to your review. The cash prizes well be sent via paypal, so please make sure you have a paypal account.

And you'll want to know what the prizes are:
1st $25.00 and 2,000 EntreCredits Plus Your 125x125 Banner on tis blog for 1 Year.
2nd $15.00 and 1,000 EntreCredits Plus Your 125x125 Banner on his blog for 1 Year.
3rd $8.00 Plus 500 EntreCredits.
4th 500 EntreCredits.
5th 250 EntreCredits.

The contest will end on May 7th, 2008 so get started! You can see more information at his contest post over here.

Cashing In On WWW Observer

Hey, the WWW Observer is having a cash contest with $100 by PayPal on the line. He's having an even bigger contest in May. Do subscribe to his feeds if you like his blog.

To enter, you can blog about the contest and/or subscribe to his RSS feeds. If you do both (blogging about the contest and subscribing to feeds), you’ll get three entries.

The contest will run until April 20, 2008.

Get the juicy details from his contest page.

Will Lucy get her premium cat food? Stay tuned!

Love Is The Answer

I always get really furious when I hear of people abusing their cats.

Cats are such gentle creatures and so very cute. But many people don't realize that looking after a pet is much harder than they think. You need to have a lot of patience and love and you need to treat them like they are a part of your family.

Neglecting your cat is bad enough but ill-treating him or her is downright despicable.

If you don't feel you have the time to care for your cat, give him or her up to someone who really cares and don't take out your frustrations on the poor creatures.

Love them and they will love you.

Even though I may be very busy, I would never neglect Lucy and she knows that. So if you want a pet, be sure to pour out all you love or else don't have one.

Etienne's Contest

Etienne Teo is having a whopper of a contest with $5641 worth of cash and prizes to be won. There are 3 ways to enter - by taking part in his writing project, by subscribing to his feeds by email or by blogging about the contest.

Here are all the prizes and sponsors:
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5 x Money Reign T-shirt - Zac Johnson Super Affiliate (Got to be US Resident)

Here's the link to the contest page where you can get all the juicy details.

The contest will end on 13 Apr 2008.

Good luck, says Lucy! Meow!

Webmaster Entrecard Contest

Webmaster Plaza is offering 300 EntreCard Credits to the first 3 people, and 100 Credits to the next 6 people who blog about his Entrecard contest.

So hurry to pick up your ECs.

Check out details here.

Fat Queen

After coming back from my holiday, Queen Lucy definitely seems fatter.

Perhaps it has been the long hours of travel where she just sits curled up next to me. I've been carrying her a lot as well. I guess I'm pampering the old dame too much.

Back home, she's curled up again for a nap (again!)

Oh my, I do think she needs to exercise more or she's going to burst her little throne!

Easter Egg Contest

I'm back after holidaying with Lucy in tow.

And there's something fun going on! Caroline Middlebrook is hosting an Easter Egg Hunt where 10 winners will get a copy of her upcoming StumbleUpon traffic course.

There are 30 eggs hidden among all her posts and you have to find them to enter the contest! Go check out her contest page for full entry details and enter by 25 Mar 2008. Good luck!

Here are the links to all the eggs:
Egg 1
Egg 2
Egg 3
Egg 4

Egg 5
Egg 6
Egg 7
Egg 8
Egg 9
Egg 10
Egg 11
Egg 12
Egg 13
Egg 14
Egg 15
Egg 16
Egg 17
Egg 18
Egg 19
Egg 20
Egg 21
Egg 22
Egg 23
Egg 24
Egg 25
Egg 26
Egg 27
Egg 28
Egg 29
Egg 30

End Ageing?

I recently read a post by Scott Wainer from W Revenue which talked about living well, indefinitely. I would support his view that there needs to be more research into stopping the ageing process, though I am not optimistic that a solution will ever be found.

As science progresses, there will be more questions asked about our life expectancy. We have made some progress in this area but the journey is still long and torrid. But for those that persevere, I think we can expect some rewards.

And of course, I'd want research done for animals as well so that dear Lucy can benefit too!

Lucy Loves Your Website!

I Hate Your Website is turning his hatred into love by holding an Entrecard contest to give away 1000 ECs. He just needs you to link to his blog. You have until 25th March to do so before he picks a lucky winner. See his contest page here.

Well, that's even easier than feeding Lucy!

iPod Touch Contest

I Share Happiness is sharing some happiness by giving away an iPod Touch! To enter the contest, there are different ways for bloggers and non-bloggers:

A. For Non-Bloggers, you can:
1. E-mail 50 to 100 of your friends to spread the word about their blog contest. Include their e-mail address in your e-mail so that they are aware of your entries (10 pts).
2. Link their blog to your social networking sites then e-mail them to say that you have linked their blog in your sites (1 pt each).
3. Comment on any of their posts using the same name. You can use either your Google account or your full name if you don’t have one (1 pt each).
4. Add their blog to your Technorati favorites (2 pts).

B. For Bloggers, you can:
1. Write a 100 word review about the contest post with a link to their homepage and the contest post (10 pts).
2. Permanently link their blog to your sidebar (5 pts).
3. Make comments on any of their posts using the same name and leaving your blog URL (1 pt each).

Once you collect 15 points, you get one contest entry. Of course, you can do more things to get more entries. Winner will be drawn randomly and there may be 2 consolation prizes too.

If you are interested in joining the contest, e-mail them your name and address and comment on their contest post.

Contest ends on 10 March 2008, 12:00 AM, Manila Time. Support them and enter today!

Fat Kid's 18th Birthday

Fat Kid will be 18 next month. Happy Birthday!

And he's having a contest to share his joy with the rest. Nice! Here are the prizes:
Six 1st Prize Winners will receive a free 125×125 ad on Fat Kid Unleashed for the entire month of March!
Two 2nd Prize Winners will receive $20 in cash (via paypal)
Two 3rd Prize Winners will receive 1000 entrecard credits

There are so many ways to enter that you've just got to go check out his contest post.

Give him your support and enter before the deadline on 28 Feb! It's really great to be 18 (I wish I was)!

And yes, Lucy's got to watch her weight or she'll soon be Fat Lucy!

Win $100

I'm now a contest addict and when I saw this, I knew I had to enter and also share it with all of you. CK Marketing and a group of bloggers are hosting a contest to give away $100. Wow, imagine how much food I can buy Lucy with that. If you enter with CK Marketing, you can also stand to win 1000 EntreCard credits. Useful!

Win $100

To enter the contest, just do any of the following:

  • Subscribe to the their RSS via email = 2 entries (per blog you subscribe to!).
  • Make a comment of value (not just “i agree”, etc.) on a post = 1 entry (remember to comment on all blogs).
  • Write a post about the contest on your blog (must include a link to this page and the links below to participating blogs) = 25 entries.

You can enter any of the ways above or do all of them. The more entries you earn, the better your odds of winning so don't hesitate!

The contest will end at 12:00 A.M., March 1, 2008.

Who wants to pay you?

Post On Fire Contest

Post On Fire is a social bookmarking and networking site for bloggers and blog readers. It allows them to find and share new blog spots with others, as well as vote for the popular ones. I like their simple interface which is easy on the eyes. The name of their site is also catchy, though the concept of such sites is nothing new.

While they are relatively new, they have already gotten hundreds of users which is a good start and hopefully they can build on that in the months to come.

By the way, they are having a contest which you may want to check out while I go and check on Lucy.

Nice Contest At RenaisNet

RenaisNet are holding a fantastic contest at their blog with the following prizes:

$50 (US), 2500 EntreCard Credits and a 1-year text link
200 EntreCard Credits and a month of advertising (Monthly)
200 EntreCard Credits and a week of advertising (Weekly)
Everybody Wins! - nonreciprocal link to your site from this one

This is the link to the contest page. I hope I win! The cash will come in handy!

Google Legolicious!

Christopher of iMod noticed something I think many of us noticed when we were doing our usual web surfing - the current catchy new Google logo - made from lego!

In his article, Christopher mentioned some interesting occurences which made lego an ideal match for Google's new logo. I also didn't know that there is actually a lego store in Bellevue. I wonder if the shop is made of lego itself =)

Anyways, Christopher is also having another of his Entrecard contests so you can pop over if you're interested.

Hmm, I wonder if I can make a lego Lucy?

Any Food Recommendations?

I was wondering if any of you have some recommendations for cat food which is nutritious and not too pricey. I am planning a new diet for Lucy.


Yay! Another Giveaway!

Yay! There are more Entrecard credits to be given away. This time, iMod is giving away 350 of them. You must do a few things before you can get the credits, such as blog about his blog and link to various posts. You can find the rest of the contest details here.

iMod is run by this dashing guy Christopher who is a online marketer and blogger. I like his post on the effects of caffeine because I'm absolutely addicted to coffee. It scares me a little so I'm cutting down my consumption by a little (well, it is hard to totally not drink it=).

But don't worry, little Lucy doesn't get a sip of my coffee so she's safe. Lucky for you, Lucy!

More Entrecard Credits To Advertise!

I stumbled upon a contest where you can get 500 Entrecard credits for free. It is by Affiliate Lounge, which has some fabulous information on affiliate programs and more.
I liked this post about the possibility of having Entrecard on Facebook. Well, check out his site while I go and feed Lucy!

My Sunshine

My sunshine is the smile on the faces of people I meet everyday. They are like rays from the sun which warm my heart. They can be loved ones, neighbors, colleagues or even strangers. And of course, Lucy as well (Yes, she does smile!)

You can never imagine the power of a simple smile even on a cold, winter's day.

Next time you meet someone, give them a smile, it doesn't cost you anything!

Lucy Is Sick

Poor Lucy is sick so I took a day off work to take her to Dr Simons. Luckily it is just a minor infection.

Hopefully she will be better tomorrow.

Contest To Help Get Noticed

I was out surfing for my blog design and hey, I stumbled upon another contest - this time giving away entrecard credits. According to my sister Jonah, this is free advertising for bloggers.

I really need to get this new blog noticed so this would suit me. But Jonah says that the top blogs all require many credits to advertise so this contest by Belolats dot com is just right for me. She's giving 500 credits weekly and some link love to the winner as well. If I win, I'd probably sign up for an entrecard account.

Got to feed dear Lucy now. See you!

I Want A New Design!

I've got a wonderful header from Linda for this blog but I'm still not satisfied with the layout. I know, don't these default designs just irk you? And some of my friends have been telling me to move to Wordpress. So I was doing a bit of surfing for a new blog layout and then I came across this contest by Shera to give away two, yes two, custom blog designs!

I went to Shera's store, Sweet ‘n Simple Design, and wow... I love the Just Monkeyin' Around design! Ok, maybe that's just because I love animals (cats, dogs, monkeys...) but oh well, I just love it. And I'd love a custom design either for this blog or for a new Wordpress blog (yes, maybe that'll help me make up my mind). So wish me luck and hope I win!

Here's her contest post!

Macy Gives Birth

Some great news today! My cousin Jennifer's darling, Macy, gave birth to two cute kittens today. I hope I can get photos of them to post soon.

Work In Progress

This blog is still a work in progress due to the enormous amount of work I have but I'll try to do updates once in a while. Do send me your meowy stories if you have them.


Welcome to my new blog, Meowlicious!