Lucy Loves Your Website!

I Hate Your Website is turning his hatred into love by holding an Entrecard contest to give away 1000 ECs. He just needs you to link to his blog. You have until 25th March to do so before he picks a lucky winner. See his contest page here.

Well, that's even easier than feeding Lucy!

iPod Touch Contest

I Share Happiness is sharing some happiness by giving away an iPod Touch! To enter the contest, there are different ways for bloggers and non-bloggers:

A. For Non-Bloggers, you can:
1. E-mail 50 to 100 of your friends to spread the word about their blog contest. Include their e-mail address in your e-mail so that they are aware of your entries (10 pts).
2. Link their blog to your social networking sites then e-mail them to say that you have linked their blog in your sites (1 pt each).
3. Comment on any of their posts using the same name. You can use either your Google account or your full name if you don’t have one (1 pt each).
4. Add their blog to your Technorati favorites (2 pts).

B. For Bloggers, you can:
1. Write a 100 word review about the contest post with a link to their homepage and the contest post (10 pts).
2. Permanently link their blog to your sidebar (5 pts).
3. Make comments on any of their posts using the same name and leaving your blog URL (1 pt each).

Once you collect 15 points, you get one contest entry. Of course, you can do more things to get more entries. Winner will be drawn randomly and there may be 2 consolation prizes too.

If you are interested in joining the contest, e-mail them your name and address and comment on their contest post.

Contest ends on 10 March 2008, 12:00 AM, Manila Time. Support them and enter today!

Fat Kid's 18th Birthday

Fat Kid will be 18 next month. Happy Birthday!

And he's having a contest to share his joy with the rest. Nice! Here are the prizes:
Six 1st Prize Winners will receive a free 125×125 ad on Fat Kid Unleashed for the entire month of March!
Two 2nd Prize Winners will receive $20 in cash (via paypal)
Two 3rd Prize Winners will receive 1000 entrecard credits

There are so many ways to enter that you've just got to go check out his contest post.

Give him your support and enter before the deadline on 28 Feb! It's really great to be 18 (I wish I was)!

And yes, Lucy's got to watch her weight or she'll soon be Fat Lucy!

Win $100

I'm now a contest addict and when I saw this, I knew I had to enter and also share it with all of you. CK Marketing and a group of bloggers are hosting a contest to give away $100. Wow, imagine how much food I can buy Lucy with that. If you enter with CK Marketing, you can also stand to win 1000 EntreCard credits. Useful!

Win $100

To enter the contest, just do any of the following:

  • Subscribe to the their RSS via email = 2 entries (per blog you subscribe to!).
  • Make a comment of value (not just “i agree”, etc.) on a post = 1 entry (remember to comment on all blogs).
  • Write a post about the contest on your blog (must include a link to this page and the links below to participating blogs) = 25 entries.

You can enter any of the ways above or do all of them. The more entries you earn, the better your odds of winning so don't hesitate!

The contest will end at 12:00 A.M., March 1, 2008.

Who wants to pay you?

Post On Fire Contest

Post On Fire is a social bookmarking and networking site for bloggers and blog readers. It allows them to find and share new blog spots with others, as well as vote for the popular ones. I like their simple interface which is easy on the eyes. The name of their site is also catchy, though the concept of such sites is nothing new.

While they are relatively new, they have already gotten hundreds of users which is a good start and hopefully they can build on that in the months to come.

By the way, they are having a contest which you may want to check out while I go and check on Lucy.

Nice Contest At RenaisNet

RenaisNet are holding a fantastic contest at their blog with the following prizes:

$50 (US), 2500 EntreCard Credits and a 1-year text link
200 EntreCard Credits and a month of advertising (Monthly)
200 EntreCard Credits and a week of advertising (Weekly)
Everybody Wins! - nonreciprocal link to your site from this one

This is the link to the contest page. I hope I win! The cash will come in handy!